Oisin & Niamh in Tir Na Nog - Signed by Jim Fitzpatrick

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Oisin & Niamh in Tír na nÓg  - Signed by Jim Fitzpatrick.

Oisín was the son of Finn McCool. He met and fell in love with Niamh.  She took him to 'Tír na nÓg ' a paradise where they felt no pain and never grew old. Oisín began to miss his father and Ireland and decided to go back, promising Niamh he would return. She gave him her magic horse, telling him never to put foot on soil or else he could not return. Oisín returned to find that everyone he knew had died.  On his journey through the countryside, he came across a tired group of men  trying to move a boulder. He helped the men by moving the boulder while still on the horse. However, the saddle slipped and he fell off the horse onto the ground below. With that, the horse disappeared and Oisín turned into a weak and feeble old man.

Limited quantity available at this price.  

Dimensions: 16.5 inches x 11.7 inches (A3)

Signed By Jim Fitzpatrick. Personalised signatures available on request.

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