The Bishops Bonfire, Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, 1955

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Roll up, roll up and check out Sean O’Casey’s new play - The Bishops Bonfire! The year is 1955, and the play begins on the 28th of February. On first sight of this poster, one is transfixed by the names appearing on this fine piece of Irish Theatre memorabilia! Venerable names of the finest Irish actors of a bygone day...

The gentle voiced genius of Cyril Cusack.
The wonderful Sheila Brennan.
The commanding presence of Godfrey Quigley.
The distinctive voice of Dennis Brennan.
The very presence of the affable Pat Layde.
And of course insightful director Tyrone Guthrie.
Great names among great names...

A brave subject matter to take on, 'The Bishop's Bonfire' went ahead nearly 30 years after 'The Plough and The Stars'. It's a play about the oppression by religion in Ireland. It did court controversy during a piece where the self-righteous Canon turns on the others, saying, 'The Church is ashamed of you, the Bishop is ashamed of you, and I am ashamed of you" To this, somebody in the audience yelled out, "And we are ashamed of you!”

Dimensions: 16” X 10” approx.


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