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Power's Irish Whiskey Vintage Print
James Gate Guinness Barrel Yard, Dublin, 1800's
Excise Officers Seizing Whiskey in Galway c.1900
Donkey Delivering Guinness to the Aran Islands
O’Mearas Irish House, Famous Dublin Pub, 1966
The Front Gate, Guinness Factory, St James's Gate, Dublin
Dublin Pub Fronts
Dublin Pub Fronts
Sale price$21.00
Last drinks before "The Irish House" disappears 1966
J.J. Murphy & Co. Ltd Famous Irish Stout
Early 1900's Guinness Delivery Horse & Cart
Evening Press 1955 - The End of Coopering ?
Guinness Delivery Horse & Cart, Dublin, 1914
"Killiney" Barge Boat on Guinness Wharf, Dublin, 1953
Guinness St James Gate Brewery Football Team 1910
"Bury Me Under This Pub" Wife Novelty Pub Note
John Power & Son Distillery, Dublin, 1923


Posters play an important role in documenting Irish history. Posters in Ireland were used to communicate political messages, rally public support for causes, spread awareness about social issues, advertise products, services, etc. Posters are a powerful way to capture a moment in time, that can be used to inform, educate and inspire people. They are also a great way to bring attention to a particular issue or event, and to spark conversation and debate.

Many of the posters we have available here served as a powerful form of communication for previous generations of Irish people. One of the earliest examples of Irish posters can be found in the political posters of the early 1900’s. These posters were used to promote the cause of Irish Independence and were often highly emotive, depicting powerful images of Irish people and their struggle for freedom.

From early political posters to more contemporary advertising posters, these posters capture the essence of Ireland and its people, while also serving as a way to promote important causes and events. We believe these posters continue to play an important role in the record of Irish history and culture. Many feature striking designs and powerful messages designed to capture the imagination of the Irish people. As such, they remain an integral part of Ireland's visual culture and will continue, we hope, to inspire and captivate generations to come.

It is our objective in this category to preserve and restore rare Irish posters for posterity and provide high quality reproductions to you for an affordable price. They each help document Irish history and tell the story of Ireland's past. Every print has been given a distressed effect to give an original look when framed.

We offer a 50% discount on posters and prints for schools. Please email us for more information.

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