Irish pubs are known for their warm and welcoming atmosphere. Decorating an Irish pub interior is about bringing the culture of Ireland and a traditional atmosphere into your establishment. If you're looking to decorate an Irish pub, there are a few key elements that you should consider to ensure that you create a space that feels authentically Irish.

The first thing to consider when decorating an Irish pub is the colour scheme. Traditional Irish pubs often feature earthy tones such as greens, browns, and copper, which help to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. You can use these colours on the walls, as well as in the furnishings and decorations. Irish pubs are often associated with wood paneling, so you might consider using wooden accents in your decor. This could include wooden bar stools, wooden wall panels and wooden shelves to display Irish memorabilia.

Vintage and antique furnishings are also an important part of the traditional Irish pub look. This could include vintage prints and posters, antique mirrors and vintage lighting fixtures. When choosing decorative Irish pieces, look for items that have an interesting story to tell, that can help bring your Irish pub to life. See some examples below:

Irish Landscapes and Cityscapes: These can be paintings, photographs or prints that depict the beautiful scenery of Ireland, such as the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry, or the streets of Dublin.

Irish People: Framed photographs, posters and prints of famous people in Irish history and culture. 

Old Irish Advertising: Vintage advertisements and signage such as Irish whiskey, Guinness, beer, groceries, places, events, etc. 

Irish Artefacts: Showcase unique Irish artefacts such as antiques, collectibles and historical mementos in a pub can enrich the ambiance, start conversations, provide informative value and offer a unique selling point. 

Irish Literature: Quotes or excerpts from famous Irish literature such as from W.B Yeats, James Joyce and Samuel Beckett can be used to create a literary and cultural atmosphere.

Sports Memorabilia: Display items such as jerseys, flags, photographs, posters and prints of famous Irish sports personalities and teams.

Irish Symbols: Irish symbols such as the shamrock, the harp and the celtic cross can be incorporated into the decor as artwork and decorative elements.

Irish Signage: Antique enamel signs and Irish street signs will add an authentic, old, unique feel to your Irish pub.

Maps and prints of Irish landmarks: These can be used to create a sense of place and can also be used as conversation starters. 

In addition to the decor, it's important to choose the right lighting for your Irish pub. Irish pubs are often dimly lit, with warm and cosy lighting that creates a relaxing atmosphere. You might consider using wall sconces, table lamps and floor lamps to create a warm and inviting glow. You could also choose lighting fixtures with a traditional Irish design, such as a Celtic knot chandelier or a wrought iron wall light.

In conclusion, decorating an Irish pub interior is all about creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that feels authentically Irish. By considering elements such as the colour scheme, materials, vintage furnishings, lighting and historical memorabilia, you can create a space that is both inviting and true to the traditional Irish pub style. When decorating your Irish pub, restaurant or home bar, please contact us with your requirements, we are always happy to help!