Our mission is to preserve and promote Irish cultural heritage items. We are passionate about ensuring items are properly cared for and passed on to future generations. We see ourselves as not just traders, but also guardians and stewards of our shared cultural heritage.

As antique dealers, we consider ourselves as minders of old items for posterity. We are passionate about preserving and passing on cultural heritage items to future generations. We have a keen eye for identifying and sourcing rare and unique objects, and we take great pride in ensuring that these items are properly passed on and cared for. 

We strive to play an important role in preserving the past by collecting, researching and showcasing a wide range of historical and cultural artefacts. We provide access to these items for collectors, museums, pubs, restaurants and others that are interested in preserving and displaying them. Furthermore, we are often involved in restoring and repairing old items which have been damaged or degraded over time. 

We are passionate about documenting and cataloging historical artefacts, in order to ensure that their provenance and history are accurately recorded and preserved. This documentation can be critical in understanding the cultural, historical and artistic significance of a particular object and in ensuring that it is properly cared for and appreciated by future generations.

Irish antiques and collectibles are a testament to the rich cultural history of Ireland. The historical items we encounter have been collected and cherished by individuals and institutions for generations. They are a valuable representation of Ireland's unique heritage and we are passionate custodians of every antique, collectible and historical artefact we acquire and sell.