Here are some tips on how to decorate the exterior of an Irish pub to give it a traditional and inviting look:

Stone work: Use natural stone work, especially Irish Limestone, to give the exterior of the pub a more traditional and authentic look.

Traditional signage: Use traditional Irish pub signage featuring the name of your pub with a wooden pub sign or lettering and perhaps even incorporating a shamrock or harp. The shamrock is associated with good luck and the harp is a national symbol of Ireland, both are instantly recognisable from a distance as Irish symbols so they could be considered to form part of an exterior Irish pub sign. Make sure that the sign is visible from the street and that it is well lit so that it can be easily seen at night.

Window Display: If you have windows facing the street you could consider an inviting window display. You should consider items for display such as old Guinness and whiskey bottles, traditional Irish musical instruments such as the bodhran, fiddle, tin whistle, small antique Irish items, photos and posters of your favourite places in Ireland, Irish landmarks and famous Irish people. Traditional Irish clothing such as an Irish dancing costume can also look great if you have the space. Arrange the materials in the window in a visually appealing way. Use tape or adhesive to secure the materials in place. Add lighting to the display, if possible. This could be as simple as positioning a lamp behind the display or stringing fairy lights around the materials. Make sure everything looks good and is easy to see from the street.

Incorporate greenery: Use plants and flowers to add colour and life to the exterior of the pub. Hanging baskets or flower boxes can also be added to the windows.

Irish decorative items: Use weatherproof Irish themed decor such as antique enamel signs, farming tools, old Irish street signs, and perhaps even an old bike fixed to the wall of the entrance to add an authentic atmosphere and create character.

Consider traditional Irish colours: Green, white, and orange are traditional Irish colours that can be incorporated into the pub's exterior through paint, flags, or banners.

Add outdoor seating: Provide outdoor seating options such as tables and chairs or benches where patrons can enjoy a pint and some conversation.

Add traditional lighting: Use traditional lanterns, gas or candle effect lamps to light the exterior of the pub to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Create a cosy entrance: Add a porch or covered entryway to give patrons a sense of warmth and welcome as they arrive. It is important to maintain the exterior of the pub, keep it clean and well painted to give the pub an inviting look and make sure it stands out from the surrounding buildings.