Titanic Newspaper report on Captain John Smith, Cabins, Lifeboats etc, 20th April 1912

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Report from The Daily Graphic newspaper on 20th April 1912 outlining the tragedy of Titanic. The Titanic was built in Belfast & and left its last port of call from Cobh, Co. Cork. It features a photograph of Captain John Smith and Titanic herself taken in Southampton. It is a wonderfully composed report, detailing how the ship looked as she berthed at Southampton; the goodbyes and good humour. They even got on to the ship to describe the finery of the liner; the Cafe Parisienne, the luxury cabins and decorations. However, it does note in retrospect that no one even gave 'a cursory glance' at the lifeboats. It mentions the new S.O.S. system and how the brave operator would have stoicly stuck to his post until help arrived. The article concludes, praising the bravery of 'millionaire and steerage' men for being heroic and saving the women and children.

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