Michael Collins Outside His Burnt out House, War of Independence, 1921

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Michael Collins outside his burned down house in Clonakilty. It was burnt by the Black & Tans in 1921. 

Collins was born here on 16th October, 1890. The house was rectangular and single storey, built of local stone. It was located near Sam's Cross, a tiny hamlet in West Cork between Rosscarbery and Clonakilty. Here, in a picturesque valley between river and sea, the young Michael grew up. Even a person of the stature and courage of Michael Collins would feel the pangs of pain at the sight of his burned out home. The sense of loss and finality has to be felt in order to be understood. 

The home has since been rebuilt as a mark of respect to his memory. 

Dimensions: 16” X 10” approx.



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