Kilkenny Hurling Leinster Title Winners, 1970's

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Here are the lads from the Kilkenny winning team from the 1970’s. They were some lads too! They won every Leinster title in the 70’s except for ’70,’76 and ‘77. Take a close look at the demeanour on the faces in this picture. Now. Take a real close look..You'll not see a hint of "The white feather" in those faces. Take a look at Chunky O'Brien. Sure butter would'nt melt in his mouth but he could turn on a ball with blinding speed. As The Doy Nash once said: "He could turn on a sixpence". Take a look at Noel Skehan, there was no better stopper of the ball in the history of the fastest field sport in the world. There is a steel and a determination in all those faces. Today they will settle for nothing less than a Leinster title.

Inspiring depiction of a band of brothers! 

We are delighted to present these fascinating rarities of old Ireland for you to own. We have added a 'aged look' to this print which creates a stunning atmosphere when framed.

We look forward to helping you create your own collection that can be treasured and admired by your family for many generations to come!

Dimensions: 16” X 10” approx.

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