Pubs have been an integral part of Irish life for centuries and have played a vital role in shaping the cultural identity of Ireland and its people. In recent years, Irish pubs have become increasingly popular around the world, with many countries now boasting their own version of these iconic establishments. From New York to Sydney, Australia to Canada, Bolivia to Russia, the 'Irish Pub' is now an international marvel, admired and imitated all over the world. This popularity can be attributed to the unique atmosphere and culture of Irish pubs, which offer a warm and welcoming environment and a chance to experience a piece of Irish culture.

The decor and atmosphere of Irish Pubs feature many of the same traditional elements; dark wood, cosy seating, brass fittings, shelves filled with curiosities and walls filled with photographs, posters, prints and historical artefacts, all creating a sense of nostalgia and a connection to the past. Creating the true atmosphere of Ireland can be one of the most difficult challenges in creating an authentic Irish Pub. The sourcing, buying, theming and logistics involved can be complicated and time consuming. This is where we can help. We take the pressure and pain out of sourcing and theming all the 'stuff' that makes an Irish Pub just that...An Irish Pub.

We help your establishment develop its own atmosphere, character and most importantly its own personality. We stock all the unique ingredients necessary for creating the true atmosphere of an authentic Irish pub. We also specialise in sourcing unique Irish artefacts, to add a completely unique feel to your pub. Whether it's a small touch of magic or your complete dream fit-out, we cater for all budgets. This catalogue gives examples of Irish pub decor we have available. If you are decorating an Irish Pub, please contact us via the form below with your requirements.