Dublin Fire Brigade putting out a fire in Georgian Dublin

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The brave men of The Dublin Fire Brigade were kept busy at a time of poverty and poor housing in our fair city. The Georgian period (1714-1930 approx) was a time when the city planners decided to widen Dublin city streets, erect new squares and provide new homes for the 'landed gentry'. At first, these homes were used as a city pad of the wealthy landowners who visited Dublin and the addresses on the north side of the city, Mounjoy Square and Parnell Square were the most prestigious to have. However, this changed as the wealthy moved south of the Liffey and the homes were abandoned or sold off to unscrupulous landlords who went about cramming in poor tenants. What we see here is one of these once great houses turned into a tenement, unloved and uncared for, full of the poorest of the poor reduced to a death trap. Fires were common due to the fact that there were open fires in the rooms where none were originally designed for. A way of life thankfully consigned to history.

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Dimensions: 16” X 10” approx.

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