Famous Irish Racehorse Arkle

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The Infamous Arkle! The year was 1964, the date was March 7th, the place was Cheltenham, the prize: The Cheltenham Gold Cup. One year earlier Pat Taaffe declared that the majestic Mill House was probably the greatest horse in the world...THEN...he saw Arkle. 

An inseparable combination of horse and man was created - Kindred Spirits Created By The Gods. To many, it was laughable that any horse alive could even come near the mighty champion 'Mill House'. This race was more than two noble animals giving their all. This was Ireland taking on the might of England. Taaffe and Arkle were ready. History was made on that day. There was even a song written about the famous fella, 'Arkle' by Dominic Behan! 

Dimensions: 16” X 10” approx.




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