Fenian WANTED POSTER John McCafferty, 1867

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Captain John McCafferty was the Confederate soldier who coined the phrase - "The gun is mightier than the sword". 

1867 was an eventful year in the troubled history of Ireland.  An aborted Rising and a failed Rising. Chief Supertendent Williamson of Scotland Yard had reason to be concerned. A Fenian Rising was in the offing. John McCafferty was as described in this rare Scotland Yard poster, a member of Morgan's raiders in the American Civil War.

After the war John McCafferty had another battle to fight, the battle for Irish Freedom. To this end, in 1867 he and officers of The Irish Republican Brotherhood boarded a ship to Ireland. They had big plans including a raid on Chester Castle in England to procure arms and ammunition. They also planned to commandeer the mail boat at Holyhead for transporting the huge consignment of arms and ammunition. British intelligence and loose tongues scuppered their plans with tragic consequences. 

We are delighted to present these fascinating rarities of old Ireland for you to own. We look forward to helping you create your own collection that can be treasured and admired by your family for many generations to come!

Dimensions: 16” X 10” approx.

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