First Advertisement For GAA & Hurling Studded Boots c.1900

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First advert for Gaelic football & hurling studded boots in Ireland, c.1900.   

The GAA was established in 1884 in Thurles, Co. Tipperary. Football and hurling was at that time of course not as diligently organised as they are now. And part of that was the fact that the players used their own work boots to play. They often nailed in to the sole of the boot for grip. Once the organisation got up and running, they commissioned the making and supplying boots that were more adequate, as shown. As well as providing better coverage/ safety, it would have instilled pride in the players: The G.A.A. was here to stay.

We are delighted to present these fascinating rarities of old Ireland for you to own. We look forward to helping you create your own collection that can be treasured and admired by your family for many generations to come!

Dimensions: 16” X 10” approx.

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