Joe Hyland: Trusted Man, Patriot & Personal Driver to Michael Collins

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A profound and interesting piece. On the left is an article about Joe Hyland along with his application for a driving licence, his taxi permit and a conversation with Joe. On the right, a poem about Michael Collins, while at the bottom is a photo of Collins, with his other main mode of transport, his bike! 

The knowledge of our history comes dropping slowly. Why were our heroes and patriots so reluctant to pass on information about their exploits? We all know that during the War Of Independence “A loose mouth cost lives”. Gabhálacha a béal dúnta aon cuileoga (A shut mouth catches no flies). Its hard to shake old habits and these men and women carried this dictum with them long after the guns went silent and some for the remainder of their lives. And Collins' personal driver, taxi man Joe Hyland was no different. Stuck to his job, kept the head down, said nothing and soldiered on regardless. What he saw, did or witnessed would remain with himself and that was that.

All ye unsung heroes… Gabhaimid buíochas leat (We thank you) 

Dimensions: 16” X 10” approx.

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