Last drinks before "The Irish House" disappears 1966

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O’Meara’s public house AKA The Irish House, was a beautiful old pub which sat on the corner of Winetavern Street and Wood Quay until it was shamefully demolished to make way for the Dublin City Council building. It dated back to 1870 and became a forgotten victim of ‘The Bunkers’ constructed at Wood Quay. The magnificent exterior stucco work upon the pub displayed historic scenes and nationalist leaders from Irish history, with Henry Grattan and Daniel O’Connell featuring. Lord Moyne of the Guinness Brewery financed a project to salvage the exterior of the Irish House. In July 1968, scaffolding went up and all embellishments were removed and transported to a warehouse at the Guinness Hopstore. The Irish House was demolished by Dublin Corporation in 1968. Today, some of the figures from the front of the building are on display in the Dublin Civic Trust on Castle Street. 

Dimensions: 16” X 10” approx.


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