The first meeting and creation of the Irish Government, Dail Eireann, 1919

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This iconic photo was taken outside Dublin’s Mansion House on 21st January, 1919. It celebrates the first meeting and creation of Dáil Eireann (‘Assembly of Ireland’ in English). This is where members refused to recognise the British Parliament. By September 1919, the meetings were banned by the British Government and the Dáil was forced underground.

Pictured here are notable figures such as Arthur Griffith, Eamon De Valera, Eoin MacNeill & Kevin O’Higgins. There is something interesting to note here too. Michael Collins, second on left on the first row, observe his body language. Crossed arms, crossed legs and head titled to the side. He did not want to be included in this photograph, fearing as a Wanted man the picture would fall into British hands. The photo did in fact fall into British hands and the photo of Collins was used in a 1920 Ireland's Most Wanted Poster (also available in store).

Dimensions: 16” X 10” approx. 

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