The Front Gate, Guinness Factory, St James's Gate, Dublin

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Nice vintage print we picked up recently. It features the entrance to the world famous Guinness Factory at James Gate. Arthur Guinness began brewing Guinness here in 1759. He was so confident of the success of his new brew he leased the site for 9000 years. 

The text is in the Irish language. "Is Fearrde Tu Guinness" - "You are the better for Guinness"

Many believe Guinness has magical health benefits and no matter what the ailment is (hunger, shock, flu) the best cure is some alcohol. Coming down with the flu? I’ll have a hot whiskey please! The Irish for ‘whiskey’, ‘uisce beatha’ translates as ‘water of life’...which says everything! 

Dimensions: 16” X 10” approx.

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